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The Chubby Meeple is now on YouTube!

Hi folks!  It’s been a couple of weeks since anything new has hit the Chubby Meeple blog.  For that, I apologize.  I began working a new j-o-b during the second shift hours.  This has caused my to reschedule my days in order to get playthroughs done so I can get reviews posted to the blog.  Since most of my game group works first shift, it has proven a bit difficult to get together in order to play games as often as I did before the new position.  This is the main reason for my lack of recent posts.  However, I return with good news.  In addition to the blog, I have launched (and will continue to improve) the Chubby Meeple YouTube channel!  The YouTube channel will allow me to post more frequently because I seem to talk faster than I type.  How did this come to be?

instagamersnetworkI had the privilege of joining the InstaGamers Network on YouTube.  The InstaGamers Network is a collection of board game reviewers and bloggers who met through Instagram and have begun posting a bi-weekly video on their YouTube channel.  Contributors to the channel include @boardgamingpinupgirl, @thegamingmaven, @theboardgamerenegade, @nettersplays, @shinyhappymeeples, @charmbo.gamer, @joesondow, @nerdofwisdom, @saveyourgame, and now … yours truly.  This past week, I was a contributor on the group’s eleventh video, deckbuilding games (I start at 10:28 and talk about Chthulhu: A Deck-Building Game).  While filming my segment, I caught the YouTube bug.

ravingspireThe first entry into the new Chubby Meeple YouTube channel is an unboxing video for Ravingspire – a deck-building game for 1-6 players that takes place on a rotating dungeon board (designed by Cory Scanlan and Joshua Carlson and published by Vorpal Chainsword Games).  I hope you enjoy.  Subscribe to the channel.  Comment below or on YouTube.  Share with your friends!

Ravingspire – A Chubby Meeple unboxing …


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